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"Michele's Vitality Cleanse was simple, clear and fun! Having been on a more restrictive diet some time ago, I thought it was pretty easy, even though I had some rough days in the beginning. The materials are pretty to look at and easy to read, and the overall vibe of the cleanse is one of gentle self-care, not intense high achievement. I really appreciated that. 

Michele connected with us regularly, inspiring and reminding me that I'm not alone. This was and is very important to me, as in the past, I have tried to make these changes by myself. Now I know that I need others' support to make permanent change. And Michele was there for me consistently, lending her wisdom and support any time I needed it: before an event, pre-Thanksgiving and before vacation. Oh yeah, and any other regular day when I was feeling crave-y. 

I highly recommend this cleanse for anyone who wants to get healthy and love themselves throughout the process."

"I also did the 90-Day Find Release from Emotional Eating program with Michele, and I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and effective coach. Michele never failed to mention my strengths, was very respectful of my wishes for each coaching session, and gently nudged me in the direction of greater depth without pushing me. She helped me contact inner voices that had not yet been acknowledged by me so that I may understand how my actions have been influenced by them. She helped me increase my self-compassion."

Jerilyn K. from Santa Cruz, CA

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"My coaching experience with Michele was extraordinary for three  main reasons. First, she was willing to speak to me every day, which is what I needed to actually change my habits for real.  Second, she intuitively knew how to handle me, sometimes simply listening, other times challenging me, and always supporting me.  Third, her own knowledge of health/wellness issues is gained from her own experience, which made me feel like she was on the path WITH me.  Worth every cent."


Michael B. from Denver, CO


Karen W. from

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"The Vitality Cleanse was awesome! Having the amazing support and encouragement from Coach Michele made all the difference for me. She is kind, intuitive, patient and wise.

I knew this year (turning 50), I wanted to do something special for myself, and this cleanse turned out to be more important than I could have imagined. Whenever I made good choices, I felt so much more in control of my life. It gave me a taste of how much power I actually have just through my moment-to-moment decisions with food and self-care. Feeling that much better is SO worth it.


I am committed to getting more ongoing coaching from Michele in the future. Thank you, Michele, for the Vitality Cleanse!"



"I also worked the 90-Day F.R.E.E. Program with my health coach, Michele, and it made all the difference. I had given up on myself. Michele helped me harness the hope and faith I needed to begin. She helped me to follow through on my commitments to myself. She held me accountable. She supported my efforts, believed in my ability, challenged my limiting beliefs, and helped me structure my dreams into specific behaviors.


In subtle and significant ways, I began changing, not just my behaviors but also out of 'victim thinking' and into taking full-out responsibility for my life. I know my journey isn't over, but I am so grateful to be on this path. Coaching is helping me to achieve my goals in life. Michele Rothkopf is an amazing health coach!"


 Audrey from Miami, FL

 I have known Michele Rothkopf for 28 years.I have witnessed her growing more and more healthy and at peace. In order to get healthy and at peace, she has studied and personally experimented with the effects of food and supplements, using her own body, emotions and mind as the lab. In addition, she is a responsive listener, whose wise and knowing commentary benefit the health and wellbeing of others. 

I highly recommend Michele as an experienced and authentic health and life coach!

 D.B. from Miami, FL

I am eternally grateful to my Life coach, Michele Rothkopf, of Dare to Dream. In just the few short months I've been working with her, she has helped me to find the greatest gifts and treasures I keep inside of me: a set of emotional tools, wisdom, patience and love for myself. I have learned how to dig deep and have discovered my capacity to make my life better and happier on a daily, moment-to-moment basis. I have learned and explored new possibilities of how to live a kinder and emotionally stronger life, even during the stressors of covid-19 restrictions. Michele has taught me to recognize and celebrate my wins and successes! Thank you, Michele, because even in the ups and downs of life, I now find constructive ways to immediately recognize negative thoughts, escort them out, and pivot to positive feelings and realities.

Thank you, Michele, for your infinite wisdom, care, intuition, patience, and heartfelt cheers on my path to the BEST ME! You are very skilIed, and I am lucky that our paths have intertwined.

(From a HAPPY and Emotionally Stronger Client)

 S.C. from Miami, FL

When I reached out to Michele, I had little to no idea what binge eating disorder was or the root of my issues.  Michele helped me to focus on the idea of B.E.D. more as a label than as an identity. She helped me to address my emotions from within, to connect with myself and find stability between my mind and body, thereby developing a healthy relationship with food. 


Furthermore, she has helped me in my personal life, guiding me to find the necessary tools to better myself through affirmation and self-reflection. Michele’s skills, patience, professionalism and wise truths have helped bring out what was already within me and direct my greatness in a way where I can succeed. She takes being a life coach beyond just professional or “this is just my job.”  Michele genuinely cares about the goodness of humanity, and it shows with her passion towards helping people. 


J.K. from Prescott Valley, AZ

When I first started the Vitality Cleanse, I was not really in the right mindset for it. However, I was able to tailor the cleanse according to my body's needs and my mind's curiosity. I not only lost weight but also became tuned in to the direct effects certain foods have on my body and my mood. I highly recommend the Vitality Cleanse for any of you who want a deeper relationship with food, your mind, and your own personal sense of empowerment.


Michele made the Vitality Cleanse fun and easy, and she empowered us to make it our own. She supported us at every turn, lovingly giving what we needed when we needed it. She was fun, engaging, and very committed to making this a successful experience for all of us. Michele is so kind, knowledgeable, fun, and compassionate. She is an excellent leader, and I can't recommend her highly enough as both a group leader and a personal coach. 

 Dee from Miami, FL

The Vitality Cleanse is a great source of nutritional wisdom and a powerful catalyst for healthy eating. It is an opportunity to understand your body. You learn the direct effects of food and beverage items that influence your weight and more importantly, your well-being. The cleanse helps create an initiative for self-care and makes it easier to find other options as "go to's" instead of inappropriate eating. It gives you the tools, mental strength and nutritional knowledge to make good choices, be healthy, and feel energetic and strong-- both mentally and physically!


Michele is an exceptionally wise and intuitive nutritional/life coach! Her knowledge of nutrition and her ability to tap into your inner strengths and internal drive is what makes her wonderful during this Vitality Cleanse. Michele knows what to say and how to say it to keep you on track. She assists in dealing with your heavy emotions when you steer off your health path.


Thank you, Michele, for your wisdom, intuition and the ability to guide me on a path of self-love and healthy eating! 

J.M. from Miami, FL

I was a control freak. That benefited me professionally as a bedside Registered Nurse for four decades and at the same time raising my husband and two children. In retirement, I found myself anxious and frustrated when things did not go as planned and people did not do what I expected or even what they said they were going to do.


Then came the pandemic, lockdown and quarantine. I thought I wanted a divorce because of the way my husband chewed his food or even breathed! I was constantly worried about everything, especially my now grown son, who still lives with us and was an essential worker -  was he safe from Covid 19? My favorite places to go - pools & gyms were closed. Our daughter & her husband visited our back porch for her birthday under an umbrella during a rainstorm, socially distanced and masked. 


I was fortunate enough to meet Michele when vaccines came out. Her coaching was exactly what I needed. Through our one-on-one meetings and her kind way of prodding me to answer really tough questions about myself and my relationships and about how I really felt and why, I realized I totally love my husband and any kind of separation was out of the question. (He, of course, was relieved, having known none of this!) Michele taught me and us (we had a few sessions with my husband and me) how to speak and listen to each other in such a way as to prevent small problems from escalating.


Turns out, I had been carrying resentment around for people both alive and dead for a really long time. How much lighter and happier I felt when Michele coached me! I learned how to let it go! I learned to be as kind to myself as I am to others and that it is not selfish but the right thing to do!


I have also been enjoying Michele’s Saturday Stress Relief  and Self-Empowerment group sessions. I keep going even though I am much less stressed because she makes it fun. Plus, Michele is helping me by encouraging proper nutrition and exercise through journaling,  accountability  and education for me to lose the ten pounds of pandemic weight I gained!!